philosophy | と革

2018/09/20 17:38

think the world through a leather.

In Japan, it's estimated that more than 1130,000 wild animals, such as deer, bears, and boar, are hunted and killed for 

gaming or for the agricultural damage caused by collapse of the ecosystem. People see them as a harmful animal: ruins and destroys crops and vegetables. Deer and boar gets hunted when they come down from the mountain for food. Bear gets killed when they come across a human.

I found out that those killed animals are just been thrown away.

the meat is rarely be eaten and no one cares about the skin. As an environmentalist, killing wild animals for the convenience of human is already something I cannot stand, but wasting them is ethically unacceptable.

I named these leathers " The Jibie leather" and making the products.

I chose to become a leather craftsman, creating quality products with the leather of the wild animals to cherish and honor the life of the animals we kill.

Unlike regular cow and pig, the leather of wild animals usually has scars and stains. This is one reason why wild animal skins had been avoided. But I finds unique beauty in it. My work is to bring out the hidden beauty to meet the modern aesthetic. 

My works are not limited to the wild animals but also cow, pig, and sheep leather as well as the traceable leathers , but my approach is just as same as handling wild animals. I hates wasting, even an inch. I uses a special sewing machine,  which enables to stitch precisely and flexible, to save a fraction of leather.

Any piece of leather has its own story. Each piece once belonged to a living animal, hunted or slaughtered by someone, tanned by a tannery, and brought to my hand through various channels. I want to embrace the story and be part of it as a designer and creator, then share it with the users so that they feel the uniqueness and beauty of it.

My dream and a goal in the future;

It would be great if I had my own tannery. But my ultimate dream is to see the world killing no animal in vain.